Upcoming events 2019

Tuesday 21st May       Patrons evening at Club

Saturday 29th June     Ty-Newydd (Gilburn Society)

Saturday 13th July      Concert in Aberdare Park  for Park Society

Sunday 14th July        Neath Music Festival

Saturday 10th August  BBQ party at the Green meadows riding school

Sunday 15th Sept.       Coliseum Aberdare Old Time Music Hall (Park’s 150 anniversary)

Sat/Sun 28/29th Sept  Bournemouth — Joint concert with Bournemouth MVC

Sunday 3rd Nov         Opening of the memorial garden in Aberdare

Sat/Sun 23/24th Nov  Coventry — Joint concert with Stoneleigh MVC.

Saturday 7th Dec.       Wedding—Oxwich

Tuesday 17th Dec       Christmas concert Nebo

Saturday 28th Dec      Panto Cwmdare Club


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