Dreams Do Come True


The regular gentlemen of the Ton Glwydfawr public house in Cwmdare always enjoyed their weekend sing-song after a few pints, Indeed, although they say it themselves, they became quite good and soon learned to provide some structure and harmony to their singing. However, as they got better so they wanted to put their singing on a more formal setting, so in 2012 they engaged the services of a local musician to provide some direction and also chose a name for themselves, quite tongue in cheek, Only Drunks Allowed.

But they also had a dream, a seemingly impossible dream, and almost laughable dream, to sing on the field in the Principality Stadium at a Welsh rugby international.

That was six short years ago and since then the lads have formed themselves into a formidable male voice choir. The name had to be changed of course, how could they perform in church or chapel as Only Drunks Allowed, So Cwmdare Voices was established.

Since that time the choir has increased in size to nearly 40 choristers and under the leadership of their Musical Director Dr. Michael Thomas, have sung in many venues both locally and further afield. Last year they even had their first tour abroad when they visited Wolfenbuttle in Germany and in 2019 they have been booked to tour Australia and possibly France as well later in the year.

In a time when a lot of male voice choirs are struggling to survive the lads have certainly bucked the trend.

But to get back to their initial ambition, the lads are so excited as they have been selected to sing during the pre-match entertainment on the field for the Wales verses South Africa game on the 24th November 2018.

It just goes to show that if you have a dream, that sometimes seems impossible, then with a bit of effort, dedication and commitment that dream might just come true

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